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K. Sue Morgan

Western Historical Romance Writer

A native born Texan transported to the Bayou State would
naturally write about what she knows and loves - Texas.

Many would say one has to lose a thing before one can truly appreciate it, but that isn't necessarily so.   I was always one of "those" Texans who touts her state and it's obvious virtues.   Therefore when I retired from teaching school after 25 years and gave myself permission to do what I'd wanted to do all my life - write - I chose historical romance because I could talk about the state I love along with writing in the genre that I enjoyed reading.

My guiding stars through the journey of learning what the romance genre required of of its authors were: Elizabeth Lowell,  Elizabeth Leigh, Jennifer Blake, Heather Graham and so many others that write the way I wish I could.  I've met all of them save Elizabeth Lowell and look  forward to some day having that pleasure.  These giants of romance writing have been myguides and my touchstones.  My hope is that I may someday write one-tenth as well as they.

After finding my niche, I sat out to look for an agent who would share my dream.  Fortunately I found her and this past year Jean Price sold my first book to Kensington, Precious Gems Historical.  To find an editor who validated my writing was a gift. Amy Garvey is that gift.

I hope you will visit my website often for your validation that life can even begin at sixty.  My mantra is Persist, Persevere, Persist, Persevere in whatever you want to do in life. If you are a reader I invite you into the world of Texas, 1840. Please e-mail me with comments or questions.

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In Name Only

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