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The Morgan Family

The really important people in this pic are from Left to Right on the front row : Hunter Paddie, Katie Mitchell, Morgan Mitchell, Camille Wolcott, and Jacob Paddie. You met the others on the page titled About the Author

Camille, great-granddaughter was too young to go to Disney World so her and Mom, Melissa Wolcott, Grandaughter, had White Pictures made.

Jacob Stephen Paddie was too young to go to Disney land but he and Mom, Juli, had White Pics made.

Juli(youngest Morgan daughter), Gregg (Husband), Hunter Paddie at Disney World.

K. Sue Morgan and youngest grandchild - Jacob Stephen Paddie

Morgan family's first Great Grandchild - Camille Morgan Wolcott

Morgan Mac Mitchell, Katie Anne Mitchel, Hunter Morgan Paddie -- This was before Jacob

Melissa Morgan Wolcott and Husband, Mike.

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The Morgan Family



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