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North Louisiana Story Tellers and Authors of Romance

If you love to write romance and want to get all the information you can - Find
a chapter of the Romance Writers of America. My local chapter is one of
the best. They have mourned with me over rejections, cheered when I got an
agent, and best of all celebrated when I made my first sale.

NOLA STARS Critique Session at Vivian Tearoom. Author-K. Sue Morgan, Author-Jean Walton, Multi-Contest Winner-Catherine Mann, and Multi-Contest Winner and Golden Heart Finalist Joanne Rock.
NOLA STARS Secretary -Winnie Griggs, President - Beth Daigre. Both of whom made their first sale this past year.
NOLA STAR - VICE PRESIDENT - Connie Cox (Multi-Contest Winner this past year), CONTEST CHAIR-Beth Cornelson multi-contest winner, Golden Heart Finalist, Sold her first book this year.
NOLA STARS CONFERENCE - Donna Caubarreaux, RWA Service Award Winner - K. Sue Morgan, Author - Renee Roy Multi-Contest Winner - Barbara Harrison, Multi-Published in Romance
Authors Jean Walton & Sue Morgan display gift of wine from long distance member (Australia) Virginia Taylor for Critique Weekend. Do we have fun or what?
Joanne Rock, Winnie Griggs, & Multi-published author Debbie Hancock at NOLA STARS workshop.
Patti Rowell NOLASTARS Newsletter Editor, Beth Daigre, & Sally Hamer-multi contest winner and Golden Heart Finalist in '99.
Deborah Hale, long distance NOLA Stars members for five years. '98 Golden Heart Winner, Sold (at last count) five books to Harlequin Historicals, Double RITA Nominee this year -'00
Vivian Critique Session: Sally Hamer, Golden Heart Finalist '99, Authors K. Sue Morgan and Jean Walton.


Author K. Sue Morgan's Second Home Chapter
Coeur de Louisiane

Coeur de Louisiane at Critics Choice for dinner during Workshop. Back Row: K. Sue Morgan, Nick Critics Choice owner, Dennis, Donna Caubarreaux, Carol Braly, Jean Walton, Debbie Hancock.
In Search of the Perfect Hero: Author Jean Walton, Perfect Hero nomineee, Author-K. Sue Morgan, Conference Chair of Coeur Conference-Donna Caubbarreaux.
Conference Speakers Authors K. Sue Morgan and Kathy Jacobson, & Workshop chair Donna.
Still searching for the perfect hero: Sue, Nick, & Jean.


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