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In Name Only


K. Sue Morgan

Welcome to my website for a trip to Texas. Let me transport you to another time, another place. Where your cares will disappear and you can lose yourself in a romance for all times. Where romance thrives. Where the world is tranquil and kind.

Wait! Texas wasn’t like that in the 1840's. After fighting a war for independence from Mexico the new Republic was struggling for survival. The name of our story is In Name Only. Our heroine, Margaret Dawson Tierney, finds a handsome man with an arrow in his shoulder lying half-in and half-out of the lake on her property. Oh! Did I forget to say he was quite naked? So, cover your eyes as you read the first few pages until she gets this perfect specimen of a man home and into bed. Why does she think of him as a perfect specimen? She is an artist.

Imagine yourself to be a Texas Ranger, Diablos Tejanos, and you wake to find yourself in the bed of a lady - a lady who wants you pose for her while she paints a portrait. Colter Wellborne spends his waking hours clutching the snow white sheet that covers him fearful that she might paint him in his natural state and the Rangers will find out.

Read how Colter claims Maggie’s heart and she uses the marble on his land to show that their love is written in stone. In Name Only, a Precious Gems Historical, will be at your local Wal-Mart store in April, 1999.

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